Top Sport Betting Sites – How Do You Choose?

If you love sport, and you like a flutter, the online gambling sector has a huge selection of bookies. But with so many websites available, how do you know which are the best online bookmakers? There is no simple answer unfortunately, with so many variables it would be impossible to make a definitive statement. Personal preferences play such a huge part, there are however certain elements online betting sites have to have to be even considered worth a go. We have our own opinion on what it takes be to be a front runner, and will pass that on to you so you can make an informed decision on where to place your bets.

Variety Is The Spice Of Life – So True In Sports Betting

The top tip to choosing where to have a flutter is don’t limit yourself to one site. Even if you have found your favorite, keep looking you will find two or three that you rank as top sports betting sites. This is simply because they will offer something different, usually better odds for one particular game. Because there are so many different things that you can bet on, there’s not one site that does everything the way you like it. So be flexible, there could be an excellent special offer that one site is running, on say an NFL game, but you don’t like the way their horse racing is done. Don’t bet on the horses there then, it doesn’t necessarily mean the NFL offer isn’t worth taking up.

The Unusual Is Found At A Top Betting Site

When it comes to what you can bet on, the best sports betting sites have everything covered. The list has to have the usual suspects, NFL, NBA, English Premier League, European football, horse racing, greyhound racing, Formula1, boxing etc. and it does really go on, but what makes the difference is the more obscure sports are covered by the best. If you love Gaelic football the top boys will give you odds, volleyball anyone? Covered. While not sports, even political outcomes can be wagered at the top tier bookmakers. The point is that if a site has the resources to give odds on the less popular gambles they will be a great choice.
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You Need Your Money To Be Safe – Reputation Is Key

How to choose sport betting sitesTo be a front runner the website has to work well. It doesn’t have to be flashy it just needs to be easy to navigate. But more importantly you want to be sure your money and details are secure. The best working website online is no good if you don’t trust it. Reputations are built over time with hundreds of thousands of transactions taking place, the best online betting sites have been around for a long time. All of them use top notch security software to safe guard against hackers. The latest SSL Encryption and firewalls must be in place along with a system of independent audits to ensure that they work. Keep up with reviews and forums to see how sites perform. If a particular site gets a lot of bad press from the betting public you should take heed. Even the very best bookmaker will have a few disgruntled customers, that’s why they will have an arbitration service. But if there are a lot of complaints regarding missing funds or personal information being abused, then the alarm bells should ring.

Making A Deposit And Cashing Your Winnings Are Easy At The Best Betting Sites

Another key factor that goes into deciding which site is best for you is depositing and cashing out. Flexibility with depositing methods is very important for a lot of people. You may want to use a credit card for one deposit and an e-wallet for another. The best sports betting sites give you lots of options including debit cards, credit cards, PayPal, Neteller, Ukash, and a few more besides. The more options available the better, payment processing is a sticky issue in some countries and the methods available help to address it. Withdrawing your winnings easily is essential to the trust process, the length of time it takes and any issues concerned with withdrawals can make or break a bookies. You need to be confident that you will get your money in the time frame stated and with the method you want. Once again this is where reviews and forums come into play. Find out what other punters opinions are regarding the site you wish to use. Have there been a lot of problems with the length of time it takes? Will they allow you to withdraw funds using a different method than your last deposit? If you have questions ask the customer service team, the best online bookmakers will answer any question fully. If you are not satisfied with the answer given then this is not the best for you.

Recreational Or Professional? – The Best Online Bookmakers Look After Both

Depending on the answer to that question is how the next criteria comes into play. Bonuses and promotions for a recreational gambler can be a big factor in how you rank an online bookies. All special offers, bonuses and other promotions are marketing tools designed to get you to bet more money. While they look attractive with hundreds up for grabs they will have strings attached, usually meaning you will have to bet though a certain amount of times before you get the bonus money. Or maybe you will have to make three different types of bet at once, in a particular field. This is great if you see it as a chance to just get extra gambling funds but for professional gamblers this is not so good. A pro would rather see a reduced commission (aka juice) on bets as a reward for their wagers, than flashy convoluted bonuses. Read the terms and conditions carefully so you understand the catch. The very best sports betting sites will give you options, they want the professionals and the recreational punters to be happy!

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Regular Updates – Another Must Have For Online Betting Sites

For the recreational and professional gambler alike, up to date odds (or lines) are very important. Using a sports book that updates their odds quickly allows you to take advantage of any inconsistences or mistakes that may happen. It can work both ways, it could mean that your regular bookies has just shortened the odds on a game you’re interested in, but another hasn’t so you get a better deal with them. The best way to take advantage of this is to monitor the betting spread early on, and track it right up to the game/race if necessary to get the best possible odds. Even if you are not going to make a wager on a particular game its great research to do this anyway. It will give you an idea of how the site’s linemakers work, a large proportion of online bookies use software to scrape odds from their competitors, and some use third party companies. Top sports betting sites put a lot of effort into getting the odds right, after all a mistake can be very costly, but odds do vary between bookies and it pays to have a good look around before you commit. It’s a no brainer if you have accounts with a few sites that you trust and one is offering 12-1 when all the rest are at 10’s.

Props, Parleys, Teasers and Reverse Bets – The Best Online Bookmakers Have ‘Em All.

Depending on where you live you will have different names for these bets but basically they work the same. Props, also known as side bets, are a big consideration for some gamblers, the number of options for side bets on particular sports vary hugely between sites. A typical props bet for an American Football game would be which team scores first, a variation could be if it was a defensive player that scored first. Props bets add a bit more excitement to a gamble, not linked to the final outcome they can add a nice twist. If you think a team will be leading at half time but eventually lose you can have two separate bets one on each team. Parleys otherwise known as accumulators, are a string of bets where the winnings of the first go on the next bet and so on, you get much better odds than if you bet them singly, but if one loses the whole bet is a loss. A teaser is more common in US based bookmakers where you can increase the points spread or total in your favour, at shorter odds. The reverse bet is used mainly in horse racing or greyhound racing, when you have two dogs/horses that you think will come in first and second, but you’re unsure which way. Top bookies will have a multitude of different types of bets you can place on one game or race.

Licensing And The Law

Licensing And The LawIf you can’t determine where a site is licensed and regulated don’t use them. All the best sports betting sites will be fully regulated. The UK has its own Gambling Commission and all sites that take UK players have to be licensed by them, for Europeans there are several, including Antigua and Barbuda, Malta and Gibraltar. The legal standpoint in the US confuses a lot of people, Federal Law is murky and is being challenged, some states regulate online gambling for their own residents and as such there is no doubt. The rest use territories like Kahnawake which have less ridged provisos. The issues with the US revolve around payment transactions and the best betting sites will have convoluted systems in place to get round them, to date the only prosecutions made have been with the payment transaction companies. The subject is quite a complicated one and you can read more in the US page.

The Best Sports Betting Sites Have History

As a species we are unique in that we love to gamble. We will bet on anything. If it’s a rainy day and two or more people are stuck indoors, with nothing better to do, they will bet on drops of rain running down the window. As long as there’s been sport played or races run, there has been someone running a book. Unregulated and a lot of the time illegal finding an honest bookies was usually a hit or miss affair. The 1960’s saw a change in the law and bookies were legal on the high street. Suddenly there was an explosion in the gambling market with betting shops opening everywhere The big three William Hill Ladbrokes and Coral all got in at the start and have never looked back. Their reputation is solid and when they moved to the internet they took it with them. With other countries legality has held back the industry, and it wasn’t until twenty years or so ago that offshore gambling houses started up for the online market. But with so much traffic and transactions those twenty years have weeded out the rogue operators. So if an American concern has been going for those 20 years in the world of online gambling that’s history.

When It Stops Being Fun – Stop

A responsible gambling policy is a must for all top sport betting sites. The very best work closely with gambling charities to monitor gambling activity. Some even help with scientific research to work out patterns in behavior that are precursors to problem gambling. So if you see the logo of GAMCARE, gamble aware, g t, or the responsible gambling trust and the GBGA you know that the site is supporting these organizations and is committed to a safe environment for gambling. The bottom line is, having a flutter is fun make sure you keep it that way. Only bet what you can afford to loose and if you start chasing the bets then stop for a while. If it’s your living then you will have a bankroll and you should know how to manage it, if you can’t, I suggest you look for another career.