A Matter Of Choosing The Top Sport Betting Sites

Having been an avid follower of sports for the better part of your life, you are bound to have heard of sports betting. Now that you are considering the idea more seriously, the question where to bet comes to mind. Choosing the best sports betting sites can be a bit of a bugbear and personal preferences often play a huge part.

Still, there are objective criteria that can be a make or break when it comes to signing up with an online bookmaker. Understanding those is essential to your success as a punter. In the following lines, you will learn all the details you need to make an informed decision and get the best experience of your stay at a bookie – whether it is thrill or hard currency you are after.

The Best Online Sportsbooks Know Their Audience

We will bet you like flutters for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you find the added layer of fun a fulfilling experience. Maybe you just want to get something out of your knack for calling the outcome of football matches. Whatever your reasons, a decent bookie has you covered. The best betting sites sense whether you are a recreational punter or a well-seasoned dab hand, and try to cater to your needs accordingly.

To achieve this, your sportsbook ought to have put together a website that is quick, easy to navigate, and reliable. Another crucial moment in evaluating the bookie is licensing, which is a guarantee your money will stay safe. Lastly, expedience where payment is concerned is paramount. Anything beyond that falls under the category of personal preferences.

How We Review and Explain Online Betting Sites?

When we set out to pen a review about a bookie, we ask ourselves what the most relevant criteria are. A solid return on your investment is a good place to start. As soon as you deposit your first amount, you will be asking yourself how to multiply your riches. We will explain bonus offers in detail and teach you the importance of reading the small print known as wagering requirements. But how do you actually deposit your money?

Moving Money In and Out Of Bookmakers

It all boils down to payment options, which should vary and come aplenty if you are browsing a decent sports betting site. Possible ways of managing your money include debit and credit cards through e-wallets to offline cards that provide extra security. You will also find country-specific advice when adding to your bankroll and withdrawing money. Mobile payment methods such as ApplePay and Boku are also joining the fraternity of popular ways to get your betting game going.

Top Rated Sports Betting Sites in The USA


Bookies Of Good Repute

Reputation is key to your future betting exploits. Instead of plunging blindly into the proffered arms of any bookmaker, consider investigating further. Dropping by our review section can provide you with decent insights. More importantly, you ought to stay up to date with the latest developments and seek the advice of your fellow punters. Reams of bad press does a sportsbook no credit, and you will never see sportsbooks advertise openly. While honesty would be much appreciated, it would make no financial sense to them.

On top of that, online betting sites pass up on reporting minor changes in the law, but those seemingly small tweaks may send your betting machinery to a grinding halt. A well-balanced review will warn you against any mishaps of the past and will advise you to be on the lookout for signs of misdemeanour.

The Best Betting Sites Offer Freebies

Hopefully, you remember wagering requirements – the fine script that good many of us have decided they could do without and ended up writing an irate comment on a community board instead. Yes, there is a catch to every free goodie you are promised at online betting websites.

For the most part, bonuses and promotions often slap you with a pesky set of conditions that need to be fulfilled so that you may obtain them. But if you have to deal with a few slim odds and some number-crunching, you are one of the lucky ones. On the other hand, people who choose not to read the bonus conditions usually pay a dear price.

Bonuses are mostly a clever tool to keep you engaged and coming back. This does not mean that some of the top dogs of the betting industry do not offer free goodies. Every now and then, you can get a real bargain. But in honesty, as long as you read the wagering requirements, you should be okay. After all, it is better to know about something and dismiss it, than not know about it and regret it!

You will see yourself that reviewing a bookmaker, let alone adding them to the select club of the best online betting sites, is not so easy. Yet there are some reputed review sites and they will help you in your efforts. For example www.topratedbettingsites.co.uk is a top online portal for UK bookmakers. Never the less you will have to learn and differentiate between the sales pitches and the genuine matter-of-factly reporting of a website that has set out to help bettors make meaningful choices.

Lastly, we advise you to supplement your review reads with forum posts. Communities dedicated to unpicking odds are also quite keen on bringing down any source that spreads misinformation. And while bookmakers will not say it out loud, in private, they fear the wrath of disappointed customers who suspect foul play.

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Spread Your Risk Between The Best Sports Betting Sites

You may have asked yourself why you would need more than one sportbook to play at? In our own experience, and by way of common consensus, a single bookmaker could not always come up with the best odds that you as a punter would need. In addition, it always helps to have bookies at daggers drawn and constantly competing for new customers or zapping back dormant accounts to life.

Most professional punters, including ourselves, maintain that you stand to narrow the bookmaker’s advantage over you by spreading your bankroll between several betting dens. This way you can identify the best possible odds and plunk down hard-earned currency on that. Surely, you cannot expect every single bookie to get things just the way you like it. You could find navigation cumbersome with some and wagering requirements downright unfair with others. Good news is the choice is largely yours thanks to a highly-saturated market.

The Unusual Is Found At A Top Betting Site

Get your geek on. Virtually every online betting site will have you covered when it comes to popular sports such as football, volleyball, tennis, and basketball. But add a pinch of wackiness and you can wager on the outcome of political races as well as horse racing events. Expanding into little known segments of the industry such as electronic sports (eSports) is another undertaking all together.

Simply introducing new disciplines to consider as part of our betting routine is not a shabby thing at all. But it would not hurt to have a somewhat more plump choice of events as well. Smaller scale local competitions and events are also quite welcome. An abundance of in-play betting would hurt nobody.

Born In The USA: Where No Sportsbook Has Gone Before

How the best online betting websites operate in the United States is an interesting topic and one that merits our attention. If you go from door to door, you will hardly find anyone who would readily vilify sports bettors. Quite a substantial part of the bettordom is fitfully toying with a favorite pastime and one punters eagerly describe as a game of chance. Trudging through the murky waters of the US betting landscape, though, we ought to look at several key aspects.

Who Is In Charge?

Daredevils as the top sports betting sites may be, they will never risk having onshore in the country. Based in overseas territories, they are quite comfortable taking your punts. Sure, you open yourself to certain risks. To mitigate some of the potential damage, you can do a quick check if your bookie has been certified. The most common authorities that issue certificates are Antigua and Barbuda, Malta, Gibraltar, Isle of Man and first nation territories like Kahnawake. On top of that, the frontrunners will be committed to responsible gambling.

Gambling Authorities of betting sites around the world.

Betting With Credit Card In The USA

When it comes to the financial transactions in online betting, USA banks have walked away. Still, you can try to squeeze deposit money through the banking system as bookies are becoming consummate in keeping transactions anonymous. Perhaps, it is not a chance thing that bitcoins are actually popular with established online betting sites that take US punters on board.

Now, back to the practical end of matters. If you want to have a high success rate in clearing the banking hurdles, you ought to opt for Visa. Visas are widely popular and tend to make it clear to a bookmaker’s website more often than MasterCard and AmEx.

A snag lies in fact that some bookies may charge you up 3% per transaction This is steep. In addition, you will have to sit through the money-in-limbo moments when your cash is still being processed. Alternatively, you can opt for Visa gift cards or cough up in bitcoins.

Mobile Friendly, Not Mobile App-ly

Most US-friendly bookies
are not easy on the eyes. They also lack an inherent staple product of today’s sports betting industry, namely the much-venerated mobile app. Apple and Google Play will not offer real money US betting apps, so you should not get your hopes up. It certainly detracts from the experience, but thanks to developers’ ingenuity, these operators are now HTML5-compatible. Other bookies integrate much of the functionalities of a mobile app in the desktop version, allowing for nifty little perks as quick and live bets.

The Landscape of Sports Betting in the US Is Changing

In conclusion, the United States is bifurcated. You will get fantasy sports fans lay hefty punts and the National Football League heavily rooting for this type of gambling. Elsewhere, states are pushing for the legalization of eSports, for example. The good news is that while legislation is somewhat intransigent, there are more proponents of the gambling industry in the US than there are detractors. A brighter future is just a matter of time and natural selection.

Safe And Secure Is A Must For Top Sports Betting Sites

You will have to give important personal details to any online bookie to be able to open an account. You need to be sure that they will look after that information very carefully. Hackers are just waiting for an opening to steal identities, so make sure the site you wager with has up to date security systems in place.

The latest SSL Encryption software and firewalls are industry standard and should be audited by independent specialists to ensure their effectiveness. As part of your due diligence contact the customer services investigate the procedures in place at your sports book of choice. It doesn’t take much effort but is essential for peace of mind. A simple way to tell if the page you are on is secure is the address of the page should start with the prefix https and have the green padlock icon.

It all inevitably adds up to making sure your money is safe. Industry standards for good practices have been established to serve as a guideline for the bookmakers and a foible against ill-meaning organizations. When you are in the initial stages of familiarizing yourself with a bookmaker, it would help to plunge to the bottom and check out their credentials. If you can spot the logo of a regulator, you are probably safe.

UKGC Regulates Gambling and Betting in the UKThe UK Gambling Commission logo is one of the most common benchmarks against which the credibility of a bookmaker is gauged. All forms of gambling, including sports betting, are part of the national identity of the Brits, and while they have an easy-going approach towards bookmakers, they still come down hard on any form of foul play. It is particularly useful to check out their register and see if an online betting site really is registered with them.

ESSA Protects Betting and Sports IntegritySports Betting Integrity is a particularly efficient watchdog that roots out bad practices from gambling and lays a palpable framework for fair betting. ESSA helps tease out foul play by processing huge amounts of information. The organization has been successful in toppling issues stemming from sports betting, including match fixing. ESSA collaborates with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and FIFA and their endorsement of a website speaks volumes.

IBAS Helps Bookmakers and CustomersThe Independent Betting Adjudication Service (IBAS) is the most venerable authority out there. Inevitably, punters and bookmakers will come head-to-head on certain issues. In fact, IBAS is one of the many great upshots that stems from regulating the industry and ensuring good practices so that punters may stay safe.

When It Stops Being Fun – Stop

Here is the groundwork for understanding how a decent online betting site should work. It is a magna carta and a good starting point to expand your knowledge of the industry. Accounting for legal foibles and trying to verify the credentials of a betting den is only part of the deal, though. You will inevitably have fun first. Rest assured that the best sports betting sites will take care of your good spirits. You owe it to them to breeze through their offers and score tidy profit. And remember, do not chase after bets, and if it stops being fun – walk away.