Mobile Sports Betting Or How To Wager Unbounded

Sports betting has had its revolutions. Moving past the creaky bricks-and-mortar dens and boldly into the digital era, punters have found an outlet online where the well-established bookies have driven steady inroads. Look closer and you will see that the saga of sports betting entails more. The birth of fully-fledged online venues to flick wagers at, the introduction of the cash-out option, and finally, the crowning glory, that is mobile sports betting, have all had their transformative effect on an industry that has already been raking up billions of dollars.

Today, what experts ponder is not whether mobile betting apps are here to stay, but rather what the telltale signs of a winner are, and how sportsbooks can better adapt their offers to strike home with the vast swathes of bettors out there. Ease of use, versatility, and efficiency can all be cited in favor of a noteworthy device. And, with this in mind, we plunge into the exciting world of mobile betting.

In The Beginning, There Were The Mobile Betting Sites

Unlike the perennial debate about the chicken and the egg, online betting and mobile betting stand in an easily-traceable relation to one another. Sportsbooks assailed the WWW around 1996 with the first online bookie commencing a short-lived glory. Later in 2003 or thereabouts, the first mobile betting app, at least in the United Kingdom, was upon us.
Going online for the first time was a way for bookies to flirt with a previously untested idea. Certainly, technologies had been expanding at a rapid clip, but no one could really predict the pervasiveness of the smartphone. In the words of an analyst, the “mobile phone has become the focal point of the modern individual”. Mobile betting sites have proven resilient, but as the hunger of punters grew, so did the reach of mobile betting as a whole.
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Of Android And iOS – Mobile Betting Apps’ Bread And Butter

Today we tend to wager via different mobile betting apps, while frequenting bricks-and-mortar bookies. By one estimate, this boosts people’s opportunities to carry out live bets, and it also hints at something known as multi-channel betting. Discussing mobile betting apps in detail, however, we ought to talk about several aspects that underpin them.
We have already nodded at the so-called explosion of smart devices. A host of gizmos out there supports iOS and Android. Major operators are today shifting towards overhauling their offers to better accommodate the mobile-inclined generation. Cleverly, sportsbooks are using sign-up bonuses on top of regular desktop ones to incentivize people to sign up for their offers.

How To Spot The Best Mobile Betting Apps?

live scores at your mobile deviceWe can debate at length what makes a good betting app. Does our app of choice come as a part of an omnichannel solution where punters can juggle between devices and pick up from where they last left? Are there banking options? Is the mobile version just as secure? Will we be able to flick our flutters on as many markets as we can from the desktop iteration of the bookie? Those are all valid concerns. Alas, no one bettor is quite willing to linger and stay long enough to check how great some of the features are if the overall performance is clunky.
What bettors clamor for is immediacy. The limelight is always hogged by the fastest mobile betting apps. Delays usually result in us as punters going away. And while content is still important, most punters would settle for a rather limited functionality, dispensing with live betting for example while expecting on-point statistics presented in a timely fashion. In light of this, companies are now investing handsomely in their betting apps. While a few years back most punters would get their first impressions about a company through the desktop version, today punters register and get to know bookies increasingly through the mobile incarnations. Any slip and we are gone.

Is That The Long And Short Of It?

Hardly. To make the top cut as one of the best mobile betting apps on the market, any contender would have to substantiate those claims. Ease of use is another important side of mobile online betting. Most successful apps come with an intuitive design. Swipe left, swipe right, a betting slip pops announcing your current bets. Follow through with an accumulator and keep track of the whole shebang without so much as a how. Emulating what is known about computers and mobile users’ habits and incorporating it, an app would be a wise call. After all, “do not make me think” should be one of the oldest tenets of all things online.
Another touted aspect of a successful mobile betting app is the exclusivity of its offers. Bookies will oftentimes lump you together with other users and shower you with a variety of offers to pick from. Despite the blanket approach, there are still advantages to be garnered here. We have already spoken of sign-up offers. In a similar vein, your mobile app will make you privy to offers that are, on occasion, exclusive to this new breed of punters, and can be added on top of the desktop counterparts.

The Drawbacks Of Betting On Mobile

Worldwide the sports betting industry is developing as separate markets because of local cultural differences and the extent to which the industry is regulated. This makes coming up with precise, hard-cut figures for the whole industry rather challenging. However, we are aware of those hurdles that need to be cleared before mobile online betting can kick in full.
Citing data available for UK betting websites, almost half of the bettors avoid playing from a mobile device because they deem the screens to be too small. Some of us complain about the experience, which could definitely be a concern for the bookies who are just trying to get in on the mobile sports betting bonanza. With the mobile sports betting market slated to account for 40% of all online gambling by 2018, things are definitely looking up and minor foibles are nothing but a temporary setback.

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One Omni-Channel Big Family

We have already mentioned the exclusive end of things. If the mobile betting site you have stumbled upon in your frantic search is worth their salt, they will most certainly rely on a slew of features to make the betting experience complete. The omnichannel solution guarantees that punters shift in and out of betting devices uninterrupted. There is little difference between forking out at a betting den or logging promptly onto your mobile, or failing that ensconcing in the comfort of your own chair to carry out a few flutters. The best operators cover it all. A single customer account (or a single wallet) makes managing one’s funds even simpler and the solution is available across all channels to facilitate the overall process.

Betting On Mobile? Why Not Also ApplePay

Depositing via smartphoneA variety of depositing and withdrawal options is a good thing to have. Quite naturally, a growing cohort of mobile betting sites are now accepting hitherto little-known payment solutions such as ApplePay, available for the iOS-powered gizmos. Mainstream bookies are already adopting innovative payment methods. The majority of the best bookies will seldom impose any fees on depositing funds, but it is still worth noting that ApplePay is free of such whimsical sides just as well. A drawback is that ApplePay would not allow you to withdraw funds. However, this is vastly offset by instant deposits, benefiting from the extra layer of security conferred to users by the Touch ID technology and Apple Pay’s exhaustive account of how your money has been managed.

When It Comes To Betting Online, Your Money Is Safe

It is true. Mobile betting sites are held to the same standards their desktop counterparts. There is little that a punter would not want to find at his fingertips, and still – mobile bookies have to outdo expectations continuously. While the whole lot of them is scrambling to come up with the next big thing, they must also keep the end up and guarantee that the current offers are up to snuff.
Take banking for example. Punters expect to be able to deposit free of charge through a host of options, including visa and master cards, E-wallets the likes of PayPal, Skrill, and Neteller. The single wallet allowing to access from all devices is king. And waiting time have been reduced to five work days, with a few not as popular exceptions here and there. Protracted payouts are also cited as a main reason for most bookies, mobile or otherwise to flop.

Mobile Online Betting – A Brave New World

Forecasts look promising enough. In 2017, the global betting market is pegged at to hit $2.1 trillion. A multi-billion industry has clearly gone trillion. There is a lot that lies on the road ahead. Bookies will have to fight fiercely to retain and acquire customers. One good way to do this is by simplifying their mobile experience to the point it becomes intuitive and continue to put an emphasis on the user experience. And in the rest of the time, squint at your smartphone screens as the odds spin.