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Online Betting AppsUnless you have been living in a cave for the last ten years you will know that the world is obsessed with mobile phone apps. Touted by some as the gold rush of the 21st century there is now an app for just about everything, and gambling is no different you can download a sports betting app for most of the top brands in the industry. So which site has the best online betting app? That’s a big question and the answer is a lot to do with personal choice and which device you have, and unfortunately where you live comes into it to. If you live in the US and have an Apple device you will be out of luck. Due to the rather inconsistent regulations regarding online gambling in the US, Apple do not allow US residents to download gambling apps from their store. Apple have finally relented and where gambling is legal apps from their store are available. Google Play doesn’t have any gambling apps available to anyone, but because the Android market isn’t closed like Apple there are many available and can be downloaded from the bookmakers without any approval issues. If you have a Blackberry, or Windows Phone your choice is greatly reduced.

The Best Betting App – Android Or iOS And What About Windows And Blackberry?

That question was answered when you bought your phone. The real question is which site offers the best choice for mobile users. If you want to download an app to gamble on the go, and there is another option if you don’t, you want a site that provides one for your device. The irony is that the longest running bookmakers don’t provide downloadable apps for every user. Android and iOS are the preferred options by most. William Hill were one of the first to recognize the growing mobile market producing downloads for Android and iOS that are very good indeed. Very easy to use, uncluttered, looks fantastic and provides a wide choice of sports and markets to bet on they also have a Windows version that’s not as slick but works. Ladbrokes and bet365, also have stunning download apps for iOS, Android and windows. Coral, Betfred and Bet at home have excellent Android and iOS offerings as well.
So what about Windows and Blackberry? Well, Nokia have proved a lot of people wrong when they started building phones for Windows. It was a widely touted belief that it would be the death knell for Nokia, but the plucky Finns pulled one out of the bag and now have phones that rival Apple in some countries markets. The problem being that app developers have been reluctant to develop for what is still seen as a niche market. Some sites have gone the extra mile but there is only a handful available. Blackberry is even worse with no official downloads at all. But the reality is these days the best sports betting app for the majority is not the download type, but direct browser connection to a truly mobile responsive site.

Top 3 Sports Betting Apps

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A Sports Betting Mobile Solution Should Have It All

The mobile phone industry is always changing, with more smartphones and tablets are coming on to the market using a variety of different operating systems. Developing a download app for each one is a costly business, but it is not good business sense to alienate a segment of the market. The solution for many is to build a site that will be compatible with all devices. HTML5 has come to the rescue, a form of coding that recognizes the operating system that logs into the site and loads a version that is compatible with it. It doesn’t matter what the size of screen is, it will look and work well. Web based sports betting apps work so well with HTML5 because they are relatively simple to code. Unlike casino games that require instant decisions to be made, sports betting is about working out form, weather, team lineup, and such. So the screen can have relevant information at a readable size, without loads of clickable functions needed in one place. You can scroll down to read the racing card for instance, make your choice and the betting slip pops up. The best betting app has to have as many options as possible and when a site is coded using HTML5 this is the reality. The top brands are now converting their sites and are being rewritten in HTML5. Even live streaming no longer needs Flash, which has never been compatible with anything Apple made and now a lot of other modern devices as well. So when the app question arises the future is going to be one site that you can access from any phone, tablet, watch or whatever else becomes internet enabled.

Some Of The Top Mobile Betting Sites

These are not necessarily in order some get better so this is just who we think have the best working sports betting apps whether web based or download.
Bet365 have an excellent fully compatible version it doesn’t matter what device you are on, you can have the download version or the browser but really the only reason you would need the download is if you had to have direct login to save a few minutes, oh, and the bonus they offer.
William Hill have huge markets available on a very well laid out app covering all their sports. The Racing Post is one of the most popular horse racing apps there is.
Ladbrokes have put a lot of effort into their mobile offering and all of their download apps are great. One of the few that have download apps for iOS, Android and Windows they are good. The mobile website is there for any other systems while the site does feel a bit outdated the mobile versions work very well.
SkyBet has to have a mention they have a great Android app and offer good bonuses when you use it first and subsequent follow up bonuses.
Coral’s offering makes their website look much better it’s less cluttered and far more focused. It works well and has download and browser versions.
Paddy Power has come on leaps and bounds and has a great mobile offering with downloads for Android and iOS that once again improves their site no end. It’s one of the most popular, if not the top, betting apps in the UK at the moment.
Choosing which bookies you use for mobile sports betting has to have the same due dillegence as you would normally use. There are just different criteria that come into play don’t restrict yourself to just one shop around, there are a shed load of others out there and more sites will invest more money and effort into making their mobile offerings better. Let’s be honest things have come a very long way already in a very short space of time. It wasn’t that long ago that telephone betting was the only form of remote gambling there was. Gambling is part of our lives and the smartphone is now an indispensable part also. They will grow together and before long mobile usage will overtake desktops and bookies will be part of it for sure.