eSports Betting Or How Pixelated Carnage Went Viral

Video games have gained puff. The idea of having massive events dedicated to digitalised carnage was all but outlandish just several years back. Today, most skeptics have gone from “go whistle” to “where do I sign?”. It is not unusual with all the investment being channeled digital sports’ way that eSports betting has also established itself as an accompanying feature of the community. In the current climate of wagering on the outcome of games, punters seem to have the better of bookies, with 90% of the latter suffering heavy losses.

The doors have creaked open before the geekdom who have one-upped algorithm-crunching experts with all their practical knowledge and obvious befuddlement when it comes to shooting pixelated ammunition, sorcery spells, and the occasional plasma grenade. But how does it all work and where exactly are those occult rites carried out? Is it legal and should we fear it? All of those queries find their answers in the sections below where we decided to face the public.

eSports Betting Sites Or The Bowels Of The Internet

NewZoo Viewership Esports estimates
No longer the preserve of basement dwelling riff-raff, the hour of electronic sports is upon us. Globally, viewership is skyrocketing and game developers are violently throwing their weight in the ring in the form of greenbacks. Revenues are scaling summits at a breakneck pace. In 2017, the industry as a whole raked in $696m. By 2020, over half a billion people will be watching anything from tactical prowess in a game of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) to intergalactic warfare incarnated in a planet-devastating match of StarCraft II.

Seems video games are open for business and business is booming. But where does the whole hitherto-unnoticed affair take place? Where is this garishly private craze unfolding? When it comes to eSports betting sites, there are your usual suspect. The best-established names in sports betting have decided to tap this vein and come up with a rich offer of odds. The result? Vast swathes of punters are gutsily flicking flutters around. Markets, as far as markets go, are real-time strategies such as StarCraft II, CS:GO, sword-and-sorcery games the likes of Defense of the Ancients (DOTA) and League of Legends (LoL) as well as the tantalizing concepts launched by Blizzard in Overwatch and Hearthstone. Rich pickings await in almost every game and the best eSports betting sites are not easily put off from adopting a title.

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Market Diversity At The Best eSports Betting Sites

The best eSports betting sites will naturally stand out with a host of offers. How does a video game come up with variety? Well, there are slew of tournaments enough to keep a market healthily saturated. Most importantly, you need to know your area. Dabbling with a video game prior to plunking down wagers may be an ill-advised move. Here is another factoid for you to consider – (e)sportsbooks tend to lose 90% of all offers they launch, so much that they recently discussed if it was worth the bellyache. Well, according to the remaining 10% – very much so. But scrap all the scaremongering aside and you have a hefty choice to pick from. Streams are beamed to phones, live events are broadcast duly, commentaries and analyses mushroom under the showers of investment.

With all of this knowledge at a punter’s fingertips, it is easy to beat the bookies. But if you want to truly come down hard and make the best esports betting sites fret at the sight of you, it is advisable to turn video gaming into a passion rather than a chore to earn cash. Meanwhile, other popular markets worth looking into are DOTA and LoL. Careful, though, if you set out to play those titles without any prior knowledge you may spend weeks of diligent play until you have nailed down the basics. Overwatch is also trending and Playerunknown’s Battle Ground is just around the corner. CS:GO is an all-time favorite.

What About All The CS:GO eSports Betting

Counter Strike gameplay
CS:GO, for example, runs around the clock throughout the year. You have a string of tournaments. It is a game with an amiable learning curve and plenty of wriggle room to hone one’s skills. As far as eSports betting goes, CS:GO is a winner. Plump prize pools have you salivating. There are several established verticals when it comes to flicking wagers on CS:GO, however.

The most notorious is through skin gambling. Skins are pricey frills that add nothing to the gameplay, but are a much sought-after badge of distinction. We advise against it as Valve, the creator of CS:GO and DOTA, have been campaigning for its eradication. Then comes the regular type of eSports betting – either deciding on the outcome of matches or tournaments. It seems easy – well it is not. Straightforward as the game is, it demands punters to be familiar with the comings and goings of the professional scene, and this is more likely to happen if you engage with the game as a past-time activity.

eSports Live Betting – Is This Legit?

Quite so. The principle medium for eSports is online. Well, it is pretty much all there is. As long as a bookie, which covers a title, has the live betting feature duly implemented across other markets, the likelihood of placing a punt on an ongoing event is quite big. We have pointed to the propensity of sportsbook to lose, though, and with this in mind some operators are still not quite happy to venture out into a yet another perilous. Live betting on electronic sports goes down a treat with esports betting apps. Now, those are nifty and they are the same mobile wagering solutions punters are already familiar with. The addition of video games is a nice touch on the part of bookies. It means that the segment may benefit from the full list of goodies conferred to mainstream sports.

Speaking of legality, this may be a bit of a thorny issue. Much as with regular sports, eSports betting is subject to the same regulations, which vary across countries and continents. For the most part, you can flick a wager wherever you go. Then again, you ought to sync your watches with legal legislation to avoid future hassles. You may find it useful to have a gander at our fantasy sports article as we talk a bit more about the legal end of matters.

Making Deposits and Claiming A Bonus

eSports bookies are just like any other. When it comes to payment methods or gambling options you will be able to carry those in either hard currency or bitcoins. Admittedly, bitcoin has not really struck home with most eSports operators yet. Still, your best eSports betting sites will offer a plump choice of deposit and withdrawal options, including PayPal, credit or/and debit cards, other e-wallets such as Neteller and Skrill. More specifically, some operators are already beginning to tailor their welcome offers to the newly-fledged cohort of gamers with a latent proclivity for punts. The norm is that sports bonuses can now be applied to eSports and that is just one clever way of incentivizing a lot of young men and women with plenty of disposable income.

For those who fear actually laying down money on eSports, have a whip-round. There are other betting options where you can still take a chance on the outcome of a game, but instead of shedding hard-earned currency, you use make-believe magical items which serve just as well. It is a good way for the faint of heart or eSports enthusiast to bolster their courage.

A Future of Sorcery and Intense Gunfire: eSports Betting Is Here To Stay

The eSports and betting industries have shown no signs of respite. They are forging ahead unchecked and new followers are excitedly joining the ranks. Bookies scramble to regain their balance and outwit punters. As the whole vortex of events churns, there is much more that is coming down the line. Developers are adapting more games and eSports betting operators are racking their brains to come up with more fetching offers. Who said a life-time passion for video games is a bad thing?

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