Golf Betting – No More Swing and Miss

Golf has long been the hallmark of sportsmanship and prestige. Nowadays the competition is alive and kicking, which inevitably lures in sponsors and in turn solicit designated betting markets. Contemporary golf strikes a balance between athleticism and class, furthermore, it boasts a number of annual events to bet on. The plethora of supporters has transmuted the green into a money-making machine for amateurs and professionals alike, while the Open era has unearthed this elite-only territory to the general public. Take up a wide stance and shoot for the sky, game on.

Golf betting explained

Welcome to the Fairway, Bonuses and Offers

In most respects, golf is no different than any other sports betting market. It’s a give-and-take venture, as long as you do your part, it will yield rich returns. Once you set about shopping for bonuses you’ll soon wrap your head around the scheme and how it works. Even if you wiffed what you thought to be the steal of the century it will be easy to bounce back on account of the tailored promotions and bonuses that come out regularly. It goes without saying, titivated fancies are allocated to the major events, where your meticulous knowledge could be rewarded with anything from free bets to VIP tickets. Let’s face it, golf is not football – sport for the masses – but you can count on solid coverage and conformity with all other bonuses on offer.

Adequate Markets Point the Way to the Green

Speaking of golf, the major events invariably jut out – US Open and the Masters account for the bigger part of televised golf. Those championships are steeped in history and serve as a magnet for both punters and regular golf fans. Go-getters say there is nothing appertaining to the present in history but in sports, this couldn’t be further from the truth. If history has a lesson to teach us it will be, that experienced players are prone to perform better under pressure. Indubiously, that inference has withstood the test of time. On many occasions we see rookies drying out halfway through the tournament in the wakes of their immature decision-making. Diligence is the mother of good luck though, we can’t write off the hard-working youngsters by a mere association. There are cracks that youth can’t paper over, but its ambition and stubbornness knows no boundaries. If you’re looking for an excuse to cash in on a big upset you can go back in history and refer to several cases of young guns winning it all.
Hole in one
The ranking system is the bread and butter of competitive sports as we know them. The big tours solicit new rivalries and introduce unique betting lines for the amid golf bettors. Massive endeavors as the PGA Tour and the European Tour are bound to be the arena for ample astounding golf deeds, that could crank up the bankroll of the remarkable bettors. Tour betting could be used as a means of easing off the intense pressure of the major tournaments and it’s an invaluable source of solid odds throughout the season.

Prop Betting Waves the Flag at a Golf Betting Debut

Prop betting is an essential part of the U.S. Open and the Masters. The unorthodox lines set it apart from your regular PGA Tour event. The metrics junkies can thrive on miscellaneous side-bets that have nothing to do with golf mechanics. All the number crunchers out there this is your shot at getting a lot of bang for your buck. You might even end up betting on the winner’s hat color, which is fine if it keeps the cash flow going your way. However, breaking through the reticence can pay off if done in regards to a definite end in mind.

Best Bookmakers for Golf Betting

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What are Some Traditional Golf Bets?

There are times when dabbling in prop bets can only lead us so far and we need the helping hand of persistent betting lines, more relevant to the game mechanics. The top bookmakers have got it all figured out. In a drop of a hat, you can stake classic predictions, such as outrights or player matchups.

For those who see golf as a labor of love and soak up the in-the-rough enjoyment, the best betting sites can offer outrights and predictions for the end-season ranking. Let’s clear the air, the big players are in it to win it. In terms of decision-making, only a few other options can compare to picking your tournament favorite and go along with your prediction.
Player Matchups
We understand that not every bettor can withstand the trial of patience, that a standard golf round is, this is where Player Matchups comes to the rescue. Bank on the individual matchups to keep you on your toes every step of the tournament. Don’t think that the accomplished golfers leave their ego behind, undoubtedly it’s the head-to-head tension that gather the crowd.

All there is to it is to add the weather conditions to the equation and all of the sudden it’s a whole new balls game. The extreme weather will separate the men from the boys. Can you figure out who possesses the strength of character to act accordingly upon the roaming gust sweeping away the ball in mid-air?

Who Will be Picking the Pin First?

Learn how to bet on the best player
As a fact of life, the major events, as the U.S Open, are gruesome tests of skill and stamina.
Therefore It will be rather naive to think that something other than the recent form of a player could be the deciding factor in his tournament life. However, it’s not advisable to get carried away by looking at the tournaments preceding a major because the big names would usually save it for the main event. This means that the winner could slip under the radar and often be overlooked. Rather than tournament wins, what you should be looking for is a player racking up solid top ten finishers. If you want to learn more about sports betting see our Spotter’s Guide.

Speaking of form, it’s worth mentioning the sticky issue of unregulated drugs use. Some players run the risk of receiving a ban for life, only to satisfy their elusive ambitions to outperform the favorite. Not rarely do we see golf players accused of using performance-enhancing drugs or even caught red-handed. Indeed the misdeed has taken over the better part of the professional sport as a whole. We’d advise you to stick to those players who are above suspicion and have clean background lest you should put in jeopardy your prospects of winning.

The “cup” is Well Within Range

That’s about it, with our radiant witticisms you will for sure avoid toe strikes in the future. Now that we ironed out the intricacies of golf betting, the ball is in your court. As we pointed out, the best betting sites are brimming with lines for golf and shouldn’t be lacking in any respect. Golf betting is quickly gaining momentum by consolidating the old and the new, emerging one of the most sought after markets among punters. Don’t skip a beat, knuckle down, and reap the rich rewards.