A Sports Betting Guide – An Insight On Where To Start

A Sports Betting GuideUnlike gambling on most casino games, sports betting is more than just blind luck. If you love a particular sport and know a bit about it, you can use that knowledge to add spice to your weekly game. Whilst adding entertainment value having a bet can add money to your pocket as well. So much so that professional sports betting is a very lucrative career choice for many. Knowledge of a particular game however is just a small part, understanding how sports books work, which bets to place, and when to make them all come into the decision making process. Whether you just want to have the occasional flutter or are looking at a more serious approach an all-round knowledge will help no end. Due diligence and ongoing research are important tools in the gamblers kit. This guide to sports betting aims to give you the basic information on the areas for that research.

You’ve Found Where – Now What?

You’ve done your research and made your choices on which bookies to use. If you haven’t found one read our home page for some insights on how to and also check our reviews. OK so, probably the most important thing for a newbie and a professional alike is controlling your bankroll. Set a budget you can afford. Stick to it. Don’t be tempted to keep topping it up. If you set it weekly or monthly it doesn’t matter, if there isn’t a bet that you feel comfortable making don’t make one. You don’t want to bet for just the sake of it, that’s a slippery road to a big problem. If you win, stick to the planned budget for how much you wager, that’s how you will turn a profit in the long term.

Side Games Crush Your Bankroll

Every sports betting site online will have a casino link or side games like slots available. If you want to keep hold of your bankroll don’t use them. Casino games always favour the house and are pure luck (except blackjack if you are a maths genius) people lose money and bookies will try very hard to get you to visit their casino pages, resist the urge stay with sports.

Verity Will Spice Up Your Sports Betting

Join more than one online bookmakers. We mentioned this on the home page, but it is a big part of making the most out of your bankroll so worth repeating. Despite a lot of sports betting guides stating how odds are fixed using scraping software, odds at different bookies do vary. Take some time to track odds at the different sites and determine which offer the best return. Although bookies try very hard not to make mistakes they do happen. By having more than one bookie in your stable you can take advantage of those rare slip-ups. Make sure you know the rules for each bookies though they all have their own takes on things. For example will an own goal effect a bet on which team scores first, or what happens if there’s a non-starter in a race.
With so much jargon and acronyms in the world of gambling, make very sure you know what it is you are betting on. If you don’t understand something don’t make the bet until you do. Customer service teams will answer your questions if they are any good. If they don’t you should re-evaluate your membership. There is a short glossary of terms later down the page to help with some of the more common ones. . If you are new to online gambling it’s a good idea to start with sites aimed at your country. UK and European sites used different terms and betting structures to the American ones.
Watching the weather reports can be a great guide to sports betting. The form of a horse in the wet can be completely different to the dry. So if there’s a chance of rain it can drastically change the possible outcome. Odds will change all the way up to the start of the game/race and most bookies have live odds on certain sports. Use the weather as a tool and you can take advantage of this. Studying the run up to a game or race has much the same benefits. A last minute injury or sudden change in the lineup of a team will affect the odds, so knowing this as quickly as possible will help you in your decisions. It could mean that you would now want to bet more or not make that bet at all.

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The Demon Drink Will Break Your Budget

If you like a drink or two watching the game make sure you have completed your gambling for the day. Having a flutter while under the influence is a recipe for disaster, your judgment will be way of kilter. In no time at all your bankroll can take a serious hit. There’s a very good reason why casinos dish out free drinks, and it’s not because they like a party! Paying tipsters doesn’t make a lot of sense for the beginner, blindly following somebody else’s predictions won’t teach you much. All tipsters will have a bad patch and could end up losing you a lot of money. You will be paying somebody else for the privilege of going broke, that will hurt. Do your own research to understand what influences the sport and how to bet accordingly. It’s much more rewarding when you follow your own instincts and knowledge and end up winning. Don’t let your accounts get too bloated with a bookie, they are not banks. Getting your money out can take a few days, no good if need it in a hurry. It will also tempt you into breaking your budget rules. A fat lump of cash just sitting there egging you on to bet more than you should. Sounds silly but it will.
An outright favorite in an event can mean the odds are almost not worth the risk. This is where the different bets or ‘markets’ can sweeten the deal. Maybe an over/under or totals bet would work better for you or an Asian handicap or HT/FT the point is that there could be a number of different ways to get better odds on the same event. But along similar lines you don’t have to back the favorite all the time, they lose quite a lot of the time.
The terms used in professional sports betting are rich and varied. Depending which side of the Atlantic you hale from makes a big difference too. But thanks to the online world we are more connected than ever which makes it useful to understand the differences. It would be a very long list indeed if they were all here, but here’s a few of the most common.

A Sports Betting Guide To Terminology

Accumulator/parley – a single bet is made and the winnings are transferred onto the next bet in a series of bets. Designed to maximize the odds on a number of events, if one of the series loses the whole bet is lost.

Ante post – odds offered a day before a race usually horse racing.
Asian Handicap – applies to soccer and is a form of spread betting
Betting Markets – the different type of bets available to make on each event
Draw No Bet – is when the stake is returned if the match is a draw.
Each Way – a bet is split into two with half the stake placed on a win and half on a place. Again mostly seen in horse racing if you get second/third place you still get a payout.
First Half Bet – score at half time used to determine outcome of bet (1H) Usually American football or basketball
Half Time Bet – betting on the outcome of the second half (H2)
Juice – an American term for the bookmaker’s commission
Line – American term for the current odds on an event. Also known as the price
Over/ Under – a wager on the combined score of a game either side of a predicted amount a form of totals bet. Again an American term.
Point Spread – a form of handicapping where the margin of victory must be more than the spread to pay out. Mostly American football and basketball
Past The Post – placing a wager after the start of the event
Push – American term for a draw
Reverse – picking two runners in a race for the first two places, either can win the other second. Usually greyhound or horse racing
Run Line – points spread for baseball
Straight Up – a bet with no spread (SU) can be known as a moneyline bet
Teaser – a parley bet where you increase the spread or total in your favour in return for shorter odds
Total – combined score at the end of a game. Totals bet being a wager on the combined final scores
There are areas that are ever changing in the sports betting world, for example most bookies will offer at least 100 markets on a single event. Gone are the days of just betting a win, draw or loss. Even those in the professional sports betting scene need to keep up to date with current terminology. New markets are devised on a regular.