A Spotter’s Guide to Sports Betting

If you are reading these lines, you are interested in becoming more accomplished at sports betting. Whether you bet recreationally or aspire to be a professional, it makes little odds to us. We pride ourselves on having a decent insight into an industry that has long been generating riches for the most astute of sports fans.
Understanding the ins and outs of your favorite sport event is just a small part of becoming a seasoned pro and turning a pastime into a lucrative career choice. In the following guide to sports betting, we will seek to explore the subtleties of this activity and pry into the more inconspicuous side of bookmakers’ operation.

The Sports Betting Guide On Picking Your Game

Before you even consider sports betting, ask yourself if you are an avid sports fan or if you have simply fallen victim to the tantalizing prospect of an immediate profit. Sharing the triumph of a team or player is mandatory for your future success as a punter. After all, betting boils down to wagering money in the hopes of notching up a solid return on investment.
Punters who actually succeed to turn a pretty penny do so by drawing on their intimate knowledge about a game. What a good guide to sports betting can teach you is how to capitalize on your understanding of various sport events. Here is what you could do to prop up your winnings:

  • Popular Sports Betting SportsChoose familiar – Start by picking a game that you are familiar with. Proceed by accumulating relevant knowledge about the front-runners in your field of choice and supplement that by reading relevant analysis.
  • Read the overviews – We have mustered up a number of relevant articles about the specifics of sports betting by sport. In other words, while football, basketball and volleyball may share some similarities when it comes to laying wagers, horse betting is another affair altogether.
  • Pick a bookie first – Bookmakers are the self-styled custodians of your money. You will want to know that your investment is safe. We have touched on a number of sportsbooks that we hold to be genuine and reliable.
  • Play smart, not hard – A punter’s kit is a comprehensive tool. You start with bonuses, promotions and knowing when to bet and when to call it. Instead of seeking to spend the most time at a sportsbook, try to maximize your profits by wagering at the right time.

Professional Sports Betting Is All About Managing Your Bankroll

You will get giddy around the time an event kicks off, and there is no shame in that. After all, most of us watch sports because it is enjoyable. Bringing in the prospect of turning a profit to the table adds an extra layer of fun. However, flicking your bets all over the place and revelling in the occasional victory does not mean that you are yet on a course for success.
A number of bettors get easily carried away as bookmakers hammer out engaging offers in the form of bonuses, promotions and other appealing incentives. Managing your bankroll is essential. Knowing when to proceed with a punt and when to fold is what makes and breaks successful punters. On top of that, you will have to bet at a fraction of your bankroll. Here is what our sports betting guide advises you in regards keeping a healthy bankroll:

Managing your bankroll well
The Dos The Don’ts
Start off with a comfortable amount Don’t chase your losses
Bet at a fraction of your bankroll (1% – 2%) Don’t forget to keep a good record of your winnings/losses
Bet on events/sports you are familiar with Don’t gamble with an uncertified bookmaker
Invest no more than you can afford to lose Don’t root for a team just because you like them, look at the odds instead
Stay up to date with sports developments Don’t sign up for offers without making sure you can cover the requirements

Canceling Out The Bookmaker’s Advantage

Bookmakers compete to attract the largest possible following of punters and then retain a steady player base. And most sports bettors do like to set their home by a single bookmaker and keep it this way. In honesty, you could never be bored with any of the top bookies, as they offer a plethora of activities.
Looking outside the box is what professional sports betting is all about, though. For starters, loyalty is not to be faulted. Then again, you will notice that there are limited options you would genuinely want to commit to with a single bookmaker. However, the abundance of promotions will always keep your interest stoked.
Nevertheless, you can always spread your betting budget over several established bookmakers and select particular options that promise to generate the most profit. It has been proven in football betting where mathematicians have worked out strategies for particular leagues and tournaments, effectively maxing out their profits incrementally.
Now, if you run bets across several bookmakers there are obvious disadvantages. The smaller your starter’s capital, the higher percentage you will have to wager, which will break your rule of thumb to commit no more than 1% or 2% of your total fund. Even if you lay down up to 10% of your budget in those initial stages, you are still opting for the smart way.

Not Your Type? Plenty Of Punts In The Sea!

Bet on Your Favourite SportsRight, so far we know that sports betting is carried out at bookmakers, the sort of specialized companies that will gladly take your money and challenge you to multiply your investment. However, the win-lose situations we are often presented with hardly exhaust the list of possibilities. The industry has branched out into other fields that cover the whole lot of available events, mostly by changing one key variable. A good sports betting guide should elaborate what your options are.
For instance, you have daily fantasy sports (DFS), which are endorsed in the United States, where they are considered a game of skill. Daily fantasy sports differ from sports betting as we know it. In fact, they seem to be a whole new industry in their own right and profits are significant.
Live betting and mobile betting apps are also well worth looking into. Live betting posits an entirely new set of rules that even the most accomplished bettors sometimes struggle with. Calling the outcome of a political race is just as popular of these days and an even more obscure segment of late has been the eSports. The industry is in a state of flux and it would not be surprising if new betting fields emerge. Staying up to date is important.

Sports Betting Guide Strategies – Is It Recommendable?

Touching basis is never a bad thing. With this in mind, you will want to follow in the footsteps of professional punters who have teased out winning strategies. Even if you do not follow suggested stratagems to the letter, there are still general practices you can stick with to ensure your winnings outpace your losses.
First off, you need to be able to tell the difference between a bookmaker that nurtures professional punters and a bookmaker that will hamper your progress if you are onto too much of a good thing. There are both types out there, and it is important to please them and generally stay under the radar.
In a nutshell, a decent sports betting guide will advise you to try and cater to your chosen bookmaker’s preferences. If you can work out how to navigate the regulations by which customers at your bookmaker are bound, this may translate into a steady income for profit. Meanwhile, you can always try to notch up a preferential status with a bookie that supports professional gamers. Still some restriction will almost certainly apply, but the important bit is to let bookies think you are complying whereas you are making the most out of an opportunity.
Oftentimes, a bookmaker will prod you to forego sports betting and engage with less familiar markets that hold a dear promise of plump winnings. You should avoid online casinos and such if you want your sports betting to accumulate a steady profit.
Bonuses are fun, until they are not. Wagering requirements almost certainly will lead you into making unpopular bets, which will in turn generate losses. Most professional punters do away with sports betting bonuses, but there is a risk that a bookie may then restrict your betting field if they suspect you are a well-seasoned professional.
Seek out the advice of fellow community members. There are whole websites dedicated to posting and discussing the likelihood of outcomes. Some closer-knit communities where select punters dwell will even readily share value betting situations among each other.

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Pinning Down The Good Practices

Sports betting is an exciting undertaking if done for the right reasons. Fans who are lucky enough to call the outcomes of games one time too often may find it particularly appealing and lucrative activity. Others could plummet into a downward spiral, which will lead them to a financial ruin. In any event, in our sports betting guide we attempted to elaborate on some key aspects of this activity. There is a lot more that would require further investigation. We at Top Sports Betting Sites are a good place for you to start building your knowledge of the industry. Supplement this read with our country-specific review or plunge right to the bookmakers section. Looking for sport-specific insights? We have you covered.