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Sports Betting Sites ReviewsWhen it comes to sports betting sites, reviews are plentiful. Make a quick search online and the results will be in the thousands. The world and his wife seem to be writing reviews these days. Why? Simply put money is made. The vast majority of review sites have a deal with bookmakers to refer customers to their site. There will be a link in the text somewhere taking you to the sports book and when a deposit is made the review site will get a commission. Ok you say ‘just a form of advertising’ so not worth believing, well it doesn’t necessarily mean what is said is untrue. Writing a biased review with false statements or deliberately misleading information is very bad business practice. While a financial gain may be had in the short term, a review site would very quickly get the reputation of being a non-credible source. This would soon lead to no viable traffic at all, and the ultimate collapse the site. Forums are foil that keep both the sports betting site and sports betting review honest. Written by the punters forums are a wickedly sharp weapon against bad practice. Take what is said with a pinch of salt as a lot of sore losers post on forums. That said if the same sports book crops up time and again in different places remember the phase there’s no smoke without fire. Be wary however, of seemingly intelligent posts spouting lots of facts about a particular brand or site. Quite a lot of them are simply wrong, not maliciously maybe just misinformation. It’s best to just stick with the personal experiences of the average punter, and used as part your due diligence forums and reviews can work hand in glove.

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Sports Betting Sites Reviews And Guides – What Should They Be Like??

A sports betting review should be fairly long. Caution should be applied when reading a very short one, not a great deal of input means not much effort. On the flip side of that, an overly long one that just spouts terms and sound bites is just as bad. You will find these just pushing for the referral money, Joe Blogs Book the best there is, click here to join etc. They won’t tell you anything useful like whether the site pays out on time, or if your payment method of choice is available. The things to look for in online betting sites reviews are information about the parent companies, how long have they been running? How are they licensed? What is their security like? Are they audited independently? Then we get into how good are the lines (odds) how do they compare with the mainstream? There isn’t many bookies that have favorable odds for everything, the review should point out the best and the worst.

I Like My Bookie – Why Read Reviews Of Online Betting Sites?

Simply a great way to keep up with online betting sites, reviews tell you what’s new within the industry. As a keen gambler it’s easy to just stick with what you know and trust. For sure a safe way to gamble, the thing is you could be missing out on an opportunity with a new market. Online books have to come up with new and interesting ways to wager in this ever competitive business. Most offer over 100 markets on a single game. More will be introduced to keep their brand fresh and attractive. The best online betting sites reviews will keep your knowledge up to date, allowing you to make informed decisions on where to gamble.

Often The Best Way To Get A Brand Noticed

The cost and less than successful methods of advertising available today mean bookmakers are turning to sports betting review sites to get the message out. A much more cost effective way than paying for online ads, getting their site reviewed favorably has become a top priority. Unless an online bookmaker has a sister site, such as a casino, reviews are often the only affordable way to advertise. The sports book has to be good enough to make an impact, so it keeps them pushing. To the best online betting sites, reviews are very important.

The Best Reviews Entertain – But Must Inform Warts And All

Some sports betting sites reviews are thoroughly good reads, funny, engaging and easy to read. When you have finished reading them though do you have any fresh information? There are some bookmakers that are so good that there’s not a lot of negative things to be said. But if there is no really telling points made what good is it? The top sports betting reviews will read well, but will also give salient information about the things that bookies like to hide in the small print. A good reviewer will read all those boring terms and conditions, and explain in simpler terms what they mean. Bonuses and promotions all come with a catch, sometimes quite obscure. At first looking like a must have, but once delved into a bit deeper, it becomes a lot less attractive. Or they may be the best thing since sliced bread. A lot of punters ignore bonuses completely knowing that they are marketing tools. They are very much so but every now and then the top boys really do give out freebies that are worth having. It’s better to know about something and dismiss it, than not know about it and regret it!

Disputes, Arbitration And The Law – Who Lets You Know?

Often the only time you will hear of a change in the law will be in a sports betting review. Subtle changes in the law are not often big enough news to be mainstream. Bookmakers are not renowned for supplying information about the law and regulatory changes. They will proudly show off the logos of their authorizing body and make sure they do what they have to keep them happy. But what happens if a change just happens in your state or area? Nobody needs to have a run in with the law, especially for something that’s meant to be fun. The smallest of changes in say how financial transactions have to be made could be a big thing for you. Knowledge is so very much a part of sports betting, the more access you have to the latest information the better your strategy can be.
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If an online bookies falls foul of a law the best online bookies reviews will tell you. Many minor infractions of the law or regulations are committed by bookies. While not enough to get their license rescinded it could be reason enough for you to not want to use them. No bookie will publish their misdemeanors, while the honesty would be appreciated, it makes no financial sense to them. This is one of the most important areas where a sports betting review can be of use to the betting public. Used as a part of your ongoing due diligence, knowing if a bookmaker has crossed a line will give you valuable information. It’s your money you are risking you have to have confidence in the book you gamble with, trust is key.

How Is A Review Performed

Our reviews are written with the help of some long term experienced punters. All of them have numerous accounts with online bookmakers all over the place. We get opinions from football (soccer) mad Englishmen, NFL punters with encyclopedic knowledge, and even Irishmen that smell like horses. Joking aside you can’t write a review without first-hand knowledge. Research is everything, way to many online betting sites reviews just spout the same recycled rubbish that has all been heard before. We will do the leg work, we will uncover the shell company or subsidiaries that got their fingers burnt. Everything can be checked out, if it doesn’t we will tell you. Do you know for example that Cassava Enterprises, a name on a lot of sports betting sites, is owned by 888 Holdings? A bookmakers in their own right. Small facts may be irrelevant to most, but can be the tipping point for some. Little snippets of information add up to a large library of useful data. Used correctly it will allow you to make the best choice for where you wager your hard earned cash. If you got burned by a bookie in the past, you don’t want to be putting your money into a sister site. With the help of a good betting review site your due diligence will pay off, and you will have many happy hours cheering home your team, hopefully to a win!